Here at the Fontana Recycling Center, we can process in excess of 500 tons of used corrugated cardboard each day.

We have the biggest frontloader in the industry - the Caterpillar 930G can load up to 2.5 tons per minute in a single push!

We also have the world's best baler - the Bollegraf HBC110 was imported directly from Holland. It has the capability to produce over 500 tons of cardboard a day while saving over $17,000 per year in electricity bills when compared to similar machines. The Bollegraf produces 50% greater volume than its closest competitor. Each bale averages 2300 pounds and one is produced every two minutes!

As direct exporters of recyclable paper, we are able to give you the highest prices possible for your material. The product produced from the Bollegraf is shipped directly overseas, eliminating the need for a middleman.

We are insured with $2 million full liability coverage on all trucks. Every truck has been bought new and mechanics are on site to ensure the smooth operation of all vehicles. Fontana Recycling Center offers the following pickup options: